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View specials from your favorite local Jewish stores

Gone on the days where you have to turn through hundreds of pages in the weekly circular or yellow pages to find information and specials for local businesses. Everything is quickly and easily available on WatsOnSale with your own personalized feed of your fave businesses.

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Discover great nearby Jewish stores

Just add a nearby address and unlock the businesses you knew and the ones you thought you knew. See which businesses are offering the best deals and which ones have the best customer feedback.

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Get all the information you need

All the information you need: store hours, contact information, specials, pictures, videos, accepted payment methods, about the store, and so much more is available for every business. Still have a question, it's just one click to contact any business.

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Perfect on all your devices

WatsOnSale was built with your phone, tablet, and computer in mind. Anywhere you are, anywhere you go, you can trust that WatsOnSale will look and work great on your device.

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