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  1. Faigie

    Are you planning to have a website where you can lookup specials and circulars and do orders in the near future like Gourmet Glatt and Seasons? Do you send out weekly circulars that I can sign up for?

  2. Helen S

    As soon as EZ Kosher becomes available in Queens and LI I hope Brach’s will join their team. Great service this summer in the Catskills.

  3. Jane

    Do you have first cut corned beef?

  4. Ben Sorek

    when will Passover products be available? Plesase reply as soon as possible.

  5. Fred

    Why is it that Brachs does not put their circular on line Saturday night. At 10:00 PM it is way past Shabbos.

  6. WOS Admin Chaim

    We are waiting for the store to send it to us sorry for the delay

  7. michelle boruchow

    Where is your current circular?

  8. Bobbi

    Brach’s should take in a product called Skim Plus. I freeze it and never separates. I’m still using the milk with an expiration date September

  9. Yehuda

    Dan, I didn’t say GG has scanners throughout the store. They have one scanner. It’s on the front wall between the frozen cases and the candy section. That’s one more customer scanner than Brach’s has. Now that GG is expanding into the dry cleaning store, I hope they’ll add more scanners.

  10. Mindy

    Dan… Many people may have disabilities that are respiratory, cardiac, cancer etc, who may not appear disabled. But yes many do abuse the use of the spots

  11. Your Name

    For those complaining about milk that spoils too soon, I only buy milk at Costco. They’ve figured out that keeping the milk properly cold during delivery to the store and while in the store keeps it fresh much longer than all other stores. Great example – I bought a gallon of milk in mid February – the expiration date was approx. 16 days later! I will tell you I still used the milk 5 weeks after I bought it – it was still good. I use it mostly for coffee, and if it’s bad, it obviously curdles. So I know 100% that the milk was still good.

  12. Dan

    As long as someone has mentioned special needs, I’d like to request that people who can walk should not be parking in handicapped spots. It is illegal, inconsiderate, and may cause injuries to those that desparately need and rely on these spots. B”H, Brachs has plenty of parking. On the few extremely crowded occasions when there are no spots, either park on the street, and walk a bit further, fight it out at Seasons, GG or KW or get to Brachs just before they open when you should be able to find parking.

  13. Aharon W.

    There are many families in the 5 Towns that would greatly benefit from the addition of shopping carts for children with special needs. Grocery shopping in pleasant establishments such as Brach’s is both a privilege and a necessity, however accessibility is often a concern for parents of these special children. I would love to see handicap accessible carts such as Caroline’s Cart in local stores. Can we make this happen? Tizku L’itzvos!

  14. Balboos haGadol

    It would be nice if the weekly specials were posted so that they could be browsed right after shabbat. I often get the expired-ad notice until I have to leave for my Sunday morning shopping. Brach’s is a shlep from where I live and so I guide myself, based upon their specials, as to whether it’s worth the time and gas.

  15. Mindel

    I love the store and the fruits and vegetables are fresh and reasonable. The only problem is the prices. They are either not marked or if they are, the prices do not match the scanners. You really have to watch while everything is being scanned. The sale items sometimes do not ring correctly at the cash register.

  16. Dan

    Yehuda, If Gourmet Glatt has scanners throughout the store, I wouldn’t know where they are. I’ev never seen them. Gourmet Glatt has a HUGE parking problem. The lot is always crowded; the lanes are way too narrow, and for the mitzvah of hassling to find the far-away spot, you can pay for that, too. That’s one of the reasons why Brach’s wins. I agree, thoug that a few scanners throughout the store would help but a price tag helps even more. But, then again, workers would spend more time tagging all the items and they would have to pay them more, and in the end, the prices would be higher!

  17. Balboos HaGadol

    The “Mystery Price” situation is always very troublesome. Brach’s isn’t the only culprit, but as often as not I’ll simply not buy an item when the price is in question. Perhaps they could invest in some scanners around the store to allow customers to self-check.

    Otherwise, I like Brach’s and travel all the way from Long Beach.

  18. Esthee

    Excellent store large selection. The owners truly aim to please. The fish department has high quality selection. Also meat and appetizer department delicious and accommodating. The white shul serves the most varied and tasty Herring tuna and salads each week from Brachs and Brachs very reasonable prices and good food when catering Thank you.

  19. Yehuda

    Dan, you say that other stores in the area don’t have customer scanners but both Gourmat Glatt and Kosher World do (and I suspect Seasons will when it finally reopens — their Queens store does). It’s far cheaper to install scanners than to tag every item. Between the mystery prices and the milk that always seems to spoil, I find myself going to Brachs much less than I used to.

  20. Binyo

    The reason I shop at brachs is for the deli take out. Kugles are fresh and well priced. Soups are great for cold winter time. In general I find the food tasty and fresh.

  21. Dan

    Spoilage occurs in several ways – There were a few times when there was a power outage & frozen food defrosted and refroze. The only way I could tell was that the Rich whip was not hard as it should be. Generally, don’t buy freezer items that are sven slightly soft or have frozen crystals on the packages. At the deli, a hint that something might be spoiled is i fthey have too much of it left at the end of the day; esp. for a “fast moving” item. Dairy items, esp. milk are hard to determine. Often, the ,ilk has been left outside on the hot pavement in the summer between the plant and the time the store actually takes it in and finally puts it in the fridge. So, the expiration date on milk is not telling you teh full story. You’re just guessing.

  22. Davoisi

    On the positive side, I find Brach’s prices Very Good, compared to some other Kosher Places, When Costco first started selling Kosher Meat their Prices were good, but now the prices there, are on the Higher side. One the negative side you have to watch when you check out,ar Brach’s prices many times are wrong at the checkout, higher in Brach’s favor, and many times dairy items are expired or moldy . A couple of times my Schul purchased Kugels for Kiddush, and they were spoiled.

  23. Uncle Stevie

    I drive from Long Beach to Brachs because there prices on the items I buy are just plain better – particularly produce, kosher cheese, and various frozen items (happiness is a warm potato blintz).

    It is true, however, that often I can’t figure out what an item costs – so I leave it. The charges of shmutz? I don’t get it – the place is always pretty clean by supermarket standards.

  24. Dan

    Shalom – I think you miss the practical point. It would be nice all the 5 Towns stores could compete their chicken & meat prices with Costco. But, compare the volume that Costco buys with the local store, and you can understand that it won’t and can’t happen. Besides, al the kosher stores sell far more kosher products than Costco carries, anyway. Additionally, Costco only sells giant packages, and many people don’t want to buy or pay for 20 lbs. of chicken parts at one time.
    In short, we need both Costco as well as Brach’s, Seasons and Gourmet Glatt.
    Furthermore, Shalom, your priority is backwards. I’d rather have Costco continue selling to the goyim and have teh goyim buy in Brach’s, Gourmet Glatt and Seasons as well and keep EVERYONE in business!

  25. Dan

    Putting a priec tag on the item is far cheaper than putting customer price scanners throughout sucha large store. It’s impractical. I don’t know of any neighborhood competing store that has customer price scanners. Perhaps, if you really knew what the price was, you wouldn’t buy it in the first place. By th etime you have the item on the check-out counter, you’re more likely to buy it, anyway. And, if even then you don’t want it, you can always say, “No” to the cashier.

  26. Yehuda

    Grocery prices are often a mystery. Very few items are stickered and there are no customer scanners. It would be nice if they had customer scanners like all their competitors seem to have.

  27. Dan

    Spring Valley Kreplach is on sale at $3.99 a box. I think there are 8 per box. Ah geshmacktigger mychel at a geshmacktigger price!

  28. Mona

    Question: Will you have kreplach for Rosh Hashanah & how early will it be available. I’d like to shop Monday August 26th.
    Thank you

  29. Dan

    Maybe my understanding of the chickenas an animal is lacking! But, I never knew that chickens have either fingers or breasts. And, regarding cuts of meat, I REALLY don’t understand 2 cuts I see advertised – “Chulent meat” – if I never eat chulent, what cut of meat is this? And “Shabbes meat” – is “Shabbes” a cut of meat, like “flanken”, “top of rib”? ANd what if I want it in the middle of tyhe week, or is that assur?

  30. shalom

    Buy your meats at Costco. Higher quality, better prices. These guys have been stealing from us for years let them try selling to goyim at these prices. I would rather Brachs, Gourmet Glatt, and Supersol all go out of business rather than Costco.

  31. Dan

    Quality varies based on when you go. Be warned, though. Make sure frozen items are really frozen and as recently stocked as possible. I went there a few times and found the frozen whipped cream container soft. I asked the maanger what happened; he said they had a power outage for half a day. Nu? And you don’t warn anyone or take the old items out of the freezer, but sell them that way??? No apologies; no comment. I’m not impressed by that!

  32. Ari

    this place sucks however the sushi department is great but Brachs is dirty and disgusting I will never be back

  33. andrew


  34. Mutty

    Where is it affordable to shop, other then here?

  35. Benny boy

    Wooooooooowww. You’re so high class and price conscious

  36. shimon

    to ben you pay extra for that dirty shmutzy feeling

  37. Ben

    Overpriced and Dirty i don’t understand why people buy there

  38. Bob bongo

    Wow I love your Overpriced meat dept.!!!!

  39. Shindler

    Best take out love the dips!

  40. Fred Weiss

    looking forward to pesach specials


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