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330 Central Avenue, Lawrence, NY
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  1. Albert

    I never shop. My wife does most the shopping for our family. While I was in the neighborhood my wife called and asked if I can pick up a couple of items from your store. I was pleasantly surprised with how i found everything quickly and how the staff were helpful.

  2. Mrs Fyonne Silverman

    I phoned and left a message – I would like to place an order for a FRUIT PLATTER to be picked up on Sunday Oct 2nd at 12 noon.
    Please phone me as I don’t always see my e-mail (too much spam).

    Thank you,
    Fyonne Silverman

  3. Anthony Buxton

    to whom it my concern my name is Anthony and i shopped at your store recently and asked for an application i was directed to go online to this site
    i have looked and there is no application login port may i ask again how do i apply to work for your company
    thank you and have a great weekend

  4. marilyn kaufman

    I placed and received my first order through Watsonsale to Seasons,Lawrence. Was I supposed to ask for the 10% coupon? T.Y.

  5. WOS Admin Chaim

    How can you expect a company that can’t spell “What” properly to be able to spell “Lawrence” correctly? We fixed it just for you 🙂

  6. Edward Goldstein

    why cant you spell LAWRENCE correctly. I personally know a dozen guys who would take offense. right moe?

  7. A 5Town Yeed

    Dan – your comment is ridiculous. How do you compare fruits that one peels or at the very least washes with baked goods? They cannot be washed, peeled nor can any other method be utilized to get germs off them. C’mon man – a little common sense please. I 100% agree with the fact that baked goods should not be available to be handled by anyone – behind the counter, that’s one thing, but not by dozens of people on the shelves.

  8. Dan

    Dave Weiss – You make a good point regardiung the uncovered baked goods/ But I’m not sure if your comment is “fair”. Do you buy produce at Seasons or any produce store, for that matter? I’m sure you do. The majority of the produce is uncovered and has been touched by multiple bare hands. But, I’ll bet that you buy it anyway. Yes, you wash the veggies and fruit before you eat it, but that doesn’t guarantee getting rid of the germs. If you’re that worried about germs, to be “equitable” heat up all your baked goods when you get home. Or, for that matter, freeze it. Oh, and if you ever bought any cake or bread that WAS behind a counter, the baker’s raw hands were kneading the dough. In short, a few hands were in just about every bit of fresh food that you buy.

  9. mai kunte

    very pleased with your intimate rinses!

  10. Your Name

    Nice job renoivating. Looks nice and you got rid of that horrid smell! Only drawback I can think of is that the crowding of all the concessions in one place with those giant signs makes you look more like a big food court but with no tables to eat all that good food! Oh – another thing – you’re spicy mayo that goes with the sushi is not real spicy mayo. Where’s the sesame oil and sriracha sauce? It’s supposed to be pink, not white!

  11. renah

    when will you have the little grape juice bottles.

  12. David Weis

    Congratulation on your new store,it is lovely and I wish you much luck ,however there is an issue with your bakery that you should be aware of .it is unsanitary and dangerous to leave the challas to be left uncovered where they can be handled by the public ,there is no way of knowing who has a cold or worse when they choose their purchase …
    I can not shop in an establishment where health safety is so blatantly ignored .
    I hope to see that you have remedied the issue

  13. denise

    do you have an order form

  14. Edward Goldstein

    when are you re opening in lawrence?

  15. rochelle seif

    where can I view circular for this week?


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