About Us

Wats On Sale was created to give the Jewish community one central, localized place to find kosher supermarket specials.

Groceries are extremely expensive yet these are necessities that every family requires. Wats On Sale is a site that endeavors to list all the kosher supermarket specials to ease the weekly financial burden of grocery shopping in the Jewish Community.

There are many free magazines that circulate in the community but it is hard to find the grocery specials in them because they are full of other unrelated ads and other content. Also, these magazines charge high prices for ad placement so not all supermarkets are listed. On the other hand, Wats On Sale does not charge the supermarkets any money to list their specials. We are offering our site as a free service to the Jewish Community.

We are in the process of spreading the word and we hope to get most of the major kosher supermarkets onboard with this project within the next few months. If you are involved in a supermarket and would like to list your specials, click here to contact us.