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Benefits of Advertising With WatsOnSale

WatsOnSale has extremely focused and targeted traffic. The people visiting our website are Frum Jewish people from around the world who are looking for specials & deals. Other major Jewish sites have visitors from scattered communities.

WatsOnSale does not overload our users with banner ads. Most Jewish websites feature hundreds of ads per page and therefore your ad has to fight to be seen. We only have a few banner boxes placed strategically so the customer is guaranteed to see your advertisement. Contact us to get started!

Advertising Opportunities

Banner Ads: We currently offer banner sizes in multiples of 200×100 pixels. We are running a promotion of 50% off our regular rates! Contact us for our rates.

Banner Ad Design: We can design a banner to fit your budget and needs for a very competitive price.
Contact us to get started.

Specials: Get the full poser of WatsOnSale by listing your specials. If you don’t have a designed specials ad, we can create one for you. Contact us for our rates.

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