The lady who holds up the checkout line

We’ve all been there. Its right before Shabbos, we have a doctor’s appointment, or we are just tired and want to get home. There is one customer ahead of us, we’re about to checkout, and boom! She pulls out a coupon or she starts fighting about the receipt. The manager comes over, there is a Read More



Tastings by Chanie every Wednesday at K.R.M. from 10:00am – 6:00pm. You can try a variety of foods made by our executive chef Duddy. Thursday -March 7 – Pomegranate – 5pm-10pm Sunday – March 10 – Glatt Express in Teaneck N.J. – 12pm-5pm Tuesday – March 12 – Costco Hackensack N.J. – 10am-8:30pm Wednesday – Read More


Tell a Supermarket About & Get $25! would like to expand into more markets and needs your help!   The requirements to get the $25 are very simple: Mention to a supermarket that they can list their specials for free on a site called that has thousands of daily Jewish visitors. They pay nothing and WatsOnSale does all the work Read More