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    Highlights -Valet parking Wed, Thurs, & Fri
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    589 East New York, Brooklyn, NY
    (718) 363-1300 (718) 363-1300
    (718) 363-1313

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    -Valet parking Wed, Thurs, & Fri
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    1. CH Bubby

      I shop here on a regular basis, basically at least once a week. I started shopping here when the store first opened it’s doors. Marketplace is a great addition to Crown Heights. It’s one stop for everything from produce to take out. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable The takeout is fresh and delicious. the catering is reasonably priced. thank you for the lovely shopping experience.

    2. Not so happy

      Hi Wish you could deliver to Brooklyn Heights. I am willing to pay for the delivery of course.
      I called the manager and the person did not even know know where Downtown Brooklyn is!!!!!!!!!
      And of course Brooklyn Heights did not even existed on their map…

    3. [email protected]

      Thank u so much for every thing. But can u please add צדקה box in every cashier place . when i come in the store I want to give צדקה so please try thank u so much. U guys make a big difference in the world!! keep SMILING😄😀😃😍😍😀😄😄😄

    4. Yankel

      As part of your Extended Hours for Erev Shavuos it says that your hours on Thursday are from 8 AM until 12 PM. That is only 4 hours??? I always do my shopping on Thursday night

    5. Zalmy Schapiro

      the most important scene that they are always smiling and they’re always happy it doesn’t matter which one the bakery department the deli department the meat department and the cashier department they’re always with a smile thank you so much for everything

    6. baruch

      i am a very regular customer and this store rocks and the staff is very helpful. yasher koach

    7. happy customer

      I love the store, the produce is top quality and the specials are great value. I’m very impressed with the cleanliness, the deli/take-out & the staff, who are always polite and helpful. Prices are higher than in other places but the service etc are well worth it. Did I say it is CLEAN????

    8. Whatever

      They refuse to to take returns, even on items that I discovered were well past expiration and moldy including, soft cheese, blueberries and bread that was stale. And when I tried to argue, the sales person squeezed outside of the Challah rolls package and said “See? This is fresh.” I felt like saying, “Then you try eating it, because it’s rubbery and disgusting”. I then realized it was my silly mistake to take them up on their lovely offer of which it was so cheap of them to try and get rid of all their nasty old bread on the Sunday after a 3 day Yomtov…
      Don’t trust anything you buy- inspect it thoroughly before you buy it, because they have no customer loyalty, just a monopoly on all of Crown Heights. I try to shop at Koshertown and Kahan’s whenever possible now.

    9. No longer impressed

      Used to mostly enjoy the store but lately the prices are mostly wrong or missing from the shelves and things are rung up incorrectly. I brought back my receipt with 4 mistakes, including one where I was significantly undercharged for something, but they refused to accept responsibility for all but one mistake. (Of course they took my money for the incorrectly charged item.) Claiming that what I bought was different than the sale item, but I don’t think they were correct.
      I agree that the broccoli chicken was awful. I have stopped buying their prepared foods from the deli. Salads are pretty good but soups are not.


      not only is your store always well stocked and pleasant to shop in but the salespeople are most helpful. This store is extremely accomodating to the customers needs and wants. Beats the rude out of the neighborhood stores!

    11. Wondering

      Do you carry Materna formula? Willing to ship it outside of New York?

    12. w

      Looking forward to your specials. .as they usually are very special!

    13. simcha

      I shop bi-weekly at your supermarkets (Empire Kosher included) and when I forget an item on special that I needed, it makes me resentful to have to come back a few days later and spend another $20 just to get it; or to find that the fish I came into purchase for dinner is on special which puts me in the same predicament. Most times, if its the same day that I made a big order, the manager overrides the system to allow me to get the special if I forgot. But this is not necessarily the case a few days later, besides the fact that I find it demeaning, as a customer who spends thousands of dollars a year in your stores, to have to “ask the manager” to do me a “favor.” There should be some kind of system put into place for regular customers, perhaps a marketplace/empire kosher member card to take care of this issue. A little more customer appreciation is in order.

    14. 770 eastern prkwy

      where are your specials this week ?

    15. m.cousin

      love the shopping experiece but wonder if the specails are changed on Sundays , it is already Monday evening they are not up?

    16. Really disappointed

      I recently bought some of the Broccoli Chicken (on sale) and it was awful and inedible. They have no right to sell such terrible stuff (I’m being polite). I have bought some of their prepared food from the Deli before, which wasn’t bad, but this was…… Additionally, it tasted like plastic.

    17. zal

      tried to return fleish that went really bad before its expiration date even though it was refridgirated. they wouldn’t take it back even though it still was in its packaging and before the date!
      i mean you spend tons of money to open a new store and get customers to shop there and your being skimpy on $10.
      hope this comment will help them realize for the future.
      i also called the takeout place once and they said their food is made everyday fresh even the potato salads etc. but i noticed that lots of salads stayed on the shelf for a week with the same exp date.

    18. Miriam

      your prices went up! 🙁

    19. happy

      i use to only shop outside the neighbood for better priced $$$.beautiful store such a positive experiance good prices and good produce would highly recomand a pleasure!!!


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