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    (718) 338-4040 (718) 338-4040
    (718) 253-1009
    Hours Today 7am - 8pm all


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    1205 Avenue M, Flatbush, NY
    (718) 338-4040 (718) 338-4040
    (718) 253-1009

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    • Email orders to [email protected]
    • Best butcher in Brooklyn for over 35 years!
    • Full line of oven ready chicken and meat
    • Fresh Sushi, Fish, & Produce daily
    • Check out our fully stocked takeout
    • We do catering - no job is too small or too big
    • One stop shopping
    • Valet Parking
    • We accept email, fax, and phone order
    • We deliver to Manhattan (Wed Only) and Seagate
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    1. Local

      Great store and staff–but please!!!you have that truck delivering to you a few mornings a minth, with the chute going from truck to basement, making it impossible for people and strollers to pass, and forcing us to blindly walk on ave m in am rush hour!please figure out a different way

    2. aharon

      the best meat in the us and possibly the world

    3. barry

      will u guys have a truck delivering to miami beach before peach 2015?

    4. Zina

      please sign me up on your mailing list… THANK YOU

    5. e

      add to email list please.

    6. Daniel

      For me, Glatt Mart is really the only place in the area to get meat. Thanks for always ensuring a high quality product, and a great shopping experience.

    7. Barbara Gamss

      please sign me up for your e-mail list. thank you

    8. Ari

      We notified the Glatt Mart management.

    9. joel Balavram

      Please sign me up on your e-mail list ,thanks.

    10. harriet

      I cannot find the Thankssgiving menu on line….please help! Thannks

    11. Devorah M

      Must stop by today! I travel by bus locally, but with your delivery option it’s not a problem. Nice specials this week. More for my buck!


      I love Glatt Mart.. The staff is awesome and friendly. Thank you Cheryl for your help and Dov always with a friendly smile.

    13. Amber Adler

      I happen to love ordering online groceries and especially from this store. I am leaving a comment to simply say that they are doing a good job… I save a lot of time and hassle with the help of their team… however, I better not get spam comments from leaving this post. LOL 🙂

    14. Rebecca Katz

      I love their meat. I also came to know they have a weekly sales app for android and iphone. Pretty nice aswell.

    15. Stephen Folkson

      I have been to Glatt Mart four times. I can say that without doubt, I have never
      seen the selection of meat and poultry that they have. I live in Oakland Gardens
      in Queens, so it is really a shlep, but it is definitely worth the trip. There is nothing
      that I have seen in Queens and Nassau that can come close to it.

    16. Shuli Sharvit

      The Origins of Glatt Mart – I’ll always remember Jerry Shocket. I was a customer at his family store on Coney Island Avenue & Avenue Z. When he and Mendy Bauman opened Glatt Mart, of course I remained a customer. He was the nicest person, and my family still misses him very much.

    17. Ruth Lehmann

      Kudos to you Glattmart Mart!! I was in your shop this week and was very impressed at how practical and convenient your Pesach shopping isles were done. Everything was so clean and neat.
      The selection of the Shicks cakes was wonderful, their prices less expensive than what I’ve seen in other local shops. Your prices in general are as always very decent. Keep up the good work!
      Have a wonderful Yom Tov, to all your customers as well.

    18. sarah israel

      There has never been a time that I come into the store and whatever I need if not out is cut and brought to me. They special order a certain spice for me which I had been buying there for years . They are a customer service oriented company. We can all lean from the entire staff there

    19. Malka

      For those of us who can’t come to the store and order by email, it would be very helpful if you set up a web site showing all items with prices and letting the customer click the items wanted. That way we could select what we’d like and the person putting together the order would know exactly what was ordered and avoid sending the wrong thing. It would probably also result in customers buying more items.
      Another very helpful feature on other stores’ web sites lets the customer set up a list of items frequently ordered.That makes shopping much faster.

    20. Toby Wiederman

      My husband thinks I have stock in glatt mart because its my #1 stop on the way one from work. I’m a customer for over 25 years. I used to shop at Glatt mart on east 19 street. Anyway, since Jeff joined the team the store became a more relaxed and friendly place. He’s always helping the customers with a smile and a nice word. Dov is also vey professional and nice to have around. The guys at the meat dpt. are amazing, and very helpful. And last but not least, Chuckie is part of the furniture… A nice person in a wonderland store. And the best orange shopping bags around!!!!!

    21. I agree

      The sale price of the Salmon Avocado roll is $5. I wonder what the regular price is. I could get the same roll at Moshi Moshi for $3.50 everyday except Sunday.

    22. rochelle

      I understand you are trying to look into why you have lost many customers. Quite honestly the reason is because your prices are exceptionally high. Even your sale prices are higher than other stores’ REGULAR everyday prices! Why not check circulars from other stores and compare, you will see your prices (on everything, every department!) are higher than every other store. Perhaps lower your prices and you will more than make up for it by winning back your old customers.hatzlacha.

    23. Michele

      Glatt Mart, the owner (s),the staff including delivery people have a monopoly on being kind,considerate, thoughtful and respectful. The prices are great, the meat the best and they treat their customers like family. Kol hakovod and may all your kvital’s be good.

    24. Esther

      Is it possible for you to carry the Nasoya brand “lite” tofu. You already stock the other varieties.


    25. Jay Gold

      it is very hard to read your ad. The print is very small. Kindly enlarge!!!!

      Response: You can click on the ad to see it bigger.

    26. Jane

      Can you please tell me if you currently have any ground lamb?

    27. [email protected]

      Your ad comes in in very tiny letters – unreadable.

      Please enlarge!
      So we can take advantage.

    28. susan samet

      just want to thank glatt mart for being here in support of the community of flatbush by offering “freezer space” to those who were affected by loss of electricity during hurricane sandy. we certainly could use other vendors like them in all flatbush neighborhoods to follow their lead in the future (we should’nt need it) Kol Hakavod and Yasher Koach

    29. Lisa Steinhardt

      I just wanted to say how wonderful and thoughtful the owners of Glatt Mart (and its staff) are. After Hurricane Sandy they opened their commercial freezers to all those who did not have their power restored. They asked that the boxes be labeled and packed neatly and that the items must be picked up within one week after power is restored. Boxes can be delivered during store hours. Today until 10 pm and tomorrow until 11 pm.
      I thought it was an incredible show of menchlachkeit and basic concern for their fellow man.

    30. Stephen Folkson

      Do you carry lamb riblets? How about chinese veal ribs on Wednesdays? Can I order it by phone on Monday or Tuesday?


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