Moisha’s Supermarket

(718) 336-7563 (718) 336-7563

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    Highlights Lowest prices in Flatbush Free rooftop parking ... more
    Accepted all
    325 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY
    (718) 336-7563 (718) 336-7563
    (718) 336-4899






    F7am- 2pm

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    • Lowest prices in Flatbush
    • Free rooftop parking
    • Expanded meat, takeout & sushi departments
    • New fresh fish department
    • New Salad Bar
    • Largest selection of kosher foods under one roof
    • We deliver to Brooklyn, Staten Island, Seagate, Bensonhurst, Mill Basin, Marine Park, Manhattan & NJ
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    1. big fan

      This store is one of the main reasons i can’t leave brooklyn!!! Where else would i shop?!! Thank you Moisha’s!
      May Hashem Bentch you all with good health and lots of brocha and hatzlocha in everyting!!!
      YASHER KOACH!!!!
      ps.. not to mention, i love the experience! it’s so much fun shopping and meeting all my friends in the aisles!

    2. Fredda

      Love this store! Everything is under one roof and you don’t have to make sure that it is kosher! It would be great if you had a store in Staten Island. I have family there and I bring poultry from Moishe’s to them because your prices are so much better than those of the kosher places where they shop.

    3. Shuie

      Absolutely love shopping here. overall they have the best prices.and the best thing is. Now you don’t have to wait long to pay.

    4. Pearl Blustein

      love moishas

    5. Pearl Blustein

      love moishas its the best

    6. moshe's lover

      No words for a fabulous, most amazing and heimish store ever invented.we wish you tonz of hatzlacha and may hashem pay you back for your enormous chesses!

    7. Chosid

      Baltimore could use a Moisha’s, everything is so overpriced there.

    8. goo

      Ur the best store ever

    9. Rebecca Choueka

      Would moishes super market think of opening in the deal, nj area. We could use a store like yours in the deal nj area.

    10. ליאו

      It’s not clear can’t read

    11. Shani

      The absolute best dressing is Hadar Light Caesar Dressing. When will you be carrying it again?

    12. yp

      Please teach your packers how to pack that the heavy stuff is evenly distributed between the different boxes instead of one box being light as a feather and another box being so heavy you need a crane to lift it. Other than that, I love your store! It’s the only place I shop. With the expansion you never have to wait on line long and you almost always have stock of everything. Thank you for the great prices!

    13. Devora

      Please tell the baggers not to bag the new groceries until the counter is cleared away from the previous shopper. Today I was about to leave and discovered my cheesecake was missing so I showed the bags and receipt to the cashier. Then I ran to the fridge to get a new cheesecake.

    14. Joshua

      So nice to be able to call them on the phone and place a small order for delivery. I’m disabled and this is a great convenience for me

    15. Yitz Siegel

      Great store . and free parking!!!!!

    16. Ellen

      Check the spelling of Bensonhurst on your sale page

    17. [email protected]

      No specials last couple of weeks – WHY ???

    18. Ex-Midwoodian

      Anybody remember Key Food that used to be where Moishe’s currently is? Ha! What a dump it was! So glad to see a thriving, kosher place there instead!

    19. batsheva cohen

      please send me the weekly flyer even though I live in Toronto. I let my kids know the specials for 5 of them to go shopping there. much hatzlocho raboh.

    20. marketing 101

      Specials (in any store) are meant to bring you to the store and there you buy more products at regular price.
      There also called ‘hooks’ for the same reason.
      Marketing 101

    21. yenta

      the reason why they do not give the sale prices for phone order is cuz other store charge u more for phone order…it takes man power.they still give you the regularlow priices

    22. a neighbour

      why are the specials not for phone orders, i go into the store to make a big order once or twice a week, but i have a friend who cannot get out of the house and said MOSHE’S DOES NOT GIVE ME THE SPECIALS BECAUSE I ORDER OVER THE PHONE, the people who make the phone orders need the specials just or if not more then us, thank you

    23. avrumi

      great new slogan for you guys

    24. [email protected]

      My parents are older people who have been longtime customers and who must now rely on your phone or online ordering. I was surprised to read on your website that sale items are not available for deliveries. Is this so? FYI they recently made a $200. delivery order. How about allowing senior citizens special consideration? Believe me, they would drive to the store every day if they could. I thank you and look forward to your reply.

    25. Shaina L.

      Hi, the newest ad layout is much clearer and neater! Shopping for sale items is much easier now.
      wishing you continued success!

    26. Chaim Moshe

      Hello I really enjoyed shopping with the flyer its so convenent.
      just the new ad is a bit crowded – maybe do the specials in 3 pages to make it easier to read. Kol tuv and hatzlacha

    27. fay

      If it aint broke, dont fix it. The new layout is difficult to read, change it back!

    28. shlomo

      we love the store and this site to plan shopping. but now w/the new layout of the ad it’s impossible to read and understand please fix it thank you,

    29. yocheved clapman

      I don’t live in brooklyn but would love to shop at Moishes..I wish they would post in a timeley fashion..

    30. avi conway

      the nicest people run this store may hashem bless the owners with blessed health

    31. Da Moish



    32. Shadchan

      Best Management in the world!

    33. Basya Spira

      moishas is the bestest store in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!

    34. nantastic

      Moisha’s is a very fair store, always has stock of what’s on sale. Very nice management too.

    35. jake

      325 ave M

    36. Chaim

      Moisha’s address and tel # are on this flyer they are VERY SMALL. Someone please add the address and tel#…


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