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    1523 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY
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    • Open till midnight & Motzi Shabbos!
    • Located in the heart of Flatbush!
    • Fast & free delivery for orders over $50!
    • Helpful manager always right by the registers!
    • Specials located right by the entrance!
    • Full service takeout, fish, and meat departments!

    About Us

    Welcome to Mountain Fruit - where selection, savings and service get stocked up in your shopping cart.

    For more than 15 years, Mountain Fruit has provided our customers with fresh food, personal assistance, and unparalleled prices - making us the preferred grocery for the discerning kosher consumer.

    In order to better serve you, Mountain Fruit is proud to introduce our new profile on WatsOnSale. Featuring innovative design, in-depth information and incredible deals, weekly specials, and much more. When it comes to grocery shopping, Mountain Fruit stands at the peak. Yumminess is just a click away!
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    1. Ari

      Forget the dill. I hope they got the worker out if the freezer!!

    2. Sarah

      The service in this store is outstanding. The other day I needed frozen dill cubes. There were garlic, basil and parsley cubes but no dill. The worker actually climbed into the freezer to see if he could locate it in the back. I was impressed. !!! I hope they’ve since gotten the frozen dill in.

      The cashiers are so friendly and helpful.

      The only problem I have with the store is the layout. If I forget an item in aisle one , I have to go all the way back. other than that Mountain Fruit has been the store for my weekly shopping since I moved to Flatbush 20 years ago.

    3. Mendy Klein

      CHAIM MEYER, the expiration date, on the Farmer Creamery Cream Cheese is Aug 29 2014, there is no catch, Mountain Fruit offers you great specials. So now you can a free lunch:)

    4. Chaim

      There BBQ season is soon coming to and end. some great specials perfect for BBQ.
      Sweet Corn, now only 3/0.99
      Solomon’s beef franks 14oz., now only 3.99
      London Broil, now only 9.99 per lb

    5. Chaim Meyer

      What is the expiration date of the farms creamery cream cheese bar???? My wife still thinks that there is a free lunch somewhere!!!! Ou gevalt

    6. Chaim

      I see that Mountain Fruits has a special on Pierre’s sorbet. I tasted a few of their flavors and it’s really delicious. Arizona ice tea 64 oz. for only 0.99 is also a great special, usually the smaller long arizona cans is 0.99, here you get way more for only 0.99.

    7. Mendi Klein

      Perfect for your large salads at your BBQ get-together. Bertolli Olive Oil X-Light/X-Virgin 25.5 oz – now only 5.99
      Dial Liquid Soap 7.5 oz – now only 0.99 The kids have to wash their hands before they eat, for this price they can use lots, and wash their hands very well:).
      If you haven’t taken advantage of our Kleenex special a few weeks ago, this is a great special, I’ll get a case myself, personally I prefer Kleenex but at this price i’ll go with Ultrasoft, (It’s not so “ultra” and not so “soft”, if you know what i mean) but at this price, you cant go wrong.
      Special For Members Only: Ultrasoft Tissues Case 36/130 ct – now only 14.99

    8. Mendi Klein

      Hellmann’s Mayonnaise All Varieties 30 oz. Now only 3.99 – wow this good for those large BBQ’s where you a big mayo vegetable salad.

      Applesnax Apple sauce 4 pk. Now only 0.99 – Your kids are going to day-camp, Apple sauce is just the prefect snack.

      Mr. Clean Citrus 40 oz. now 2.49 – if you are going to stay in and clean, This is a great special.

      Become a member, and receive the Special for members only:
      Poland Spring Water Case 6 / 1 Gal now only 5.99 per case. For those hot shmaltzy days, cold water – nothing’s better.

    9. Mendi Klein

      Cool 0ff this summer during your volley ball game with some ice cold Powerade. 32 oz. now only 0.79

      Other great specials this week:
      Heinz Vegetarian Beans 16 oz now only 0.99
      For Members Only: Kleenex Tissues 230 ct 10 pk now only 16.99

    10. shalom

      just watched the clip how to grill a steak, the steak looks tasty,,, lets hope that it will come out the same on my grill,,,

    11. Mendi Klein

      Grill some real meat… How about fillet steak? It’s on special this week at Mountain Fruit for just 9.49 per pound.
      Check out some grilling tips from chef Tony at Mountain Fruit at

    12. Mendi Klein

      Sending your kids to camp? Mountain Fruit has some great specials.
      General Mills – Cheerios 18 oz – only 3.99
      All – liquid detergent reg. 60 oz – only 3.99
      Member Special: Plenty Paper Towel 15 pk – only 10.99

    13. Perela

      Thanks for always letting me have something delivered to my house down the block even when it’s so close to shabbos or really late at night or the store is about to close. Customer service is an A+ in this store, there’s no point in going anywhere else. Mountain Fruit moves mountains!!!

    14. avi

      for 12 years i used to live in mountain fruits area and i went there almost every week and i loved it but since i moved [which is about 3 months ago] i was so upset that i couldn’t go to your store but last sunday we went on a trip to you know where yup you guessed it the mountain fruit chanukah store!!!!!!!

    15. Q train

      i love your store i live in the city its so convenient i hop on a train and get off right in front of your store your new store is awesome i love the layout
      p.s. i love the new design of this page

    16. Moishy

      Mounstain Fruit has changed alot since it has moved to its current location. the friendly staff is extremely knowledgeble, both with whats on the shelf and whats on the inventory. the aisles are wide and comfortable. I shop there 2 little kids which can sometimes be a hassle. at mountain Fruit, it’s a breeze. The managers will help you coordinating your delivery or special request/order. They take WIC. I give it 5 stars.

    17. Pat

      I used to by my seasons hearts of palm(the best quality) at u guys on sale all the times , now I go to Moshe disc to buy it it’s always on sale there

    18. Michele

      Mountain fruit has a wonderful delivery service. One can shop online, on the phone or in person. Everyone is polite and very helpful. I am a home bound senior citizen and Mountain fruit has been most kind and understanding. The prices are great, the sales terrific and they call if something is unavailable. Thank you Mountain Fruit.

    19. anonymous

      you should just know all your nasty comments about this store are untrue!! the nicest people work here always there to help delivery service is excellent, the staff know there products even the owners come up to help you can see them fixing there shelves, THE OWNERS IM TALKING ABOUT!!!there is no limit on special you dont need 10 dollars to get specials!! KEEP IT UP MOUNTAIN FRUIT!!


    20. gUY


    21. [email protected]

      While I have my issues with the store-and what store is perfect-the service has improved 100% recently. I shop there often since they moved. They made some big improvements.

    22. malka

      incredible store! customer service and willingness to accomodate ondividuals is unbeatable! they answer phone calls and help with orders. they even call the customer with questions, in an effort to provide the highest quality service to the customers. mountain fruit is from the few stores that does not charge a delivery fee. they also honor sale prices on deliveries, which is again unusual. thanks for being there for us!

    23. Sarah

      All you people going on about the management changes and how the prices aren’t good are a bunch of whiners and are flat out lying. I shop in Mountain Fruit and in Moisha’s and I can tell you that Mountain fruit is my fav. The prices are competitive and the management is responsive. I’m glad you don’t like the store though. More room for me to shop 🙂

    24. Moshe

      If it not location( rite near subway) this store did not have chance to survive !
      Don’t listen to me – Just look for AD’s and compare ! Yes, they have few things on sale, but what is not , very often overpraised and cheap only , where is expiration day is near- compare to Moshe’s or Shoprite . So if you make big shopping and not just buy gefelty fish(on sale 🙂 ), better drive few blacks down to Moishe’s discount ,You will defiantly save some money .
      It’s not Shem Rah- it just reality and warning you about loosing your money . I’m for honest competition !!!

    25. annat

      Went to the store in the summer. As I was used to the old manager Gershon asked for some ice to pack on the fish I wanted to buy. the Spanish worker told me first sure. But than, called the manager, a frum guy who just flat said ‘”NO”.
      I miss the old management and Gershon being there.

    26. ricki

      wow i personely know the owner and it did NOT CHANGE HANDS .i think their prices are really reasonable .the owners are real sweethearts ,they constantly walk around in the store trying to be helpful to the customers .try their newly upgraded takeout the food is just scrumptious .and i think they have the finest meats in brooklyn at reasonable prices !!!!!

    27. hadassa

      be careful when it says 2/$$. If you buy one you will be charged considerably more than 1/2 the price of 2, and they won’t warn you!

      This is true of a number of stores in Flatbush. I’ve been charged
      more for 2 than for 3 when the sale price is 3/$$ and I only took two. One would think that in that case the store owner (who served
      me) would have said “take another one.”

      How about putting on price tags “2/$$$ 1 for $$”

    28. Elana

      Since they opened across the street it is definitely a cleaner looking store. My issue was with buying an $11 honeydew! After I left the store, I saw I was charged $2/lb instead of $2 for the honeydew. Figured it wasn’t a big deal , and I would just take my receipt to the manager to be adjusted, after all I obviously did not buy 5.5 honeydews and assumed it was a careless error of the cashier. I never imagined that the manager would say that it was indeed $2/lb and that is the return that they get most often in the store! I wouldn’t have even willingly paid half that for a honeydew ! The manager was not rude about it, but if its an ongoing mixup (after all this is astronomical pricing) they should have clearer signs. Felt very cheated!


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