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    Highlights Visit our beautiful newly renovated flagship lo ... more
    About With over 25 years experience in the retail business, Paperific has always exc... more
    1482 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY
    (718) 252-9527 (718) 252-9527
    (718) 252-9537

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    • Visit our beautiful newly renovated flagship location to shop for all your supermarket needs including a large variety of elegant and everyday partyware.
    • Wide aisles - 7 checkout counters
    • Fresh Fish & Sushi Department (dial 4 from the main menu)
    • Bakery Department from the Famous Ostrovitstky's bakery under the hisachdus hechsher Freshly Baked Goods Made On Premises (Dial 2 from the main menu)
    • Takeout Department from KoldKuts Of Flatbush under the hechsher of Rabbi B. Teitelbaum. Meat Department (Dial 5 from the main menu)
    • Fruit platters made to order as well as fish platters, wraps and cold cut platters. (Dial 3 from the main menu)

    About Us

    With over 25 years experience in the retail business, Paperific has always excelled in customer satisfaction, and has well earned the trust of our thousands of customers. We take nothing for granted, and we continue to put all our focus and effort in ensuring the complete satisfaction of all our customers. For your convenience, we are bringing our competitive pricing and selection to the online community

    Paperific is a real store with real people. Our stores are located in Brooklyn New York, where we have been serving the community for many years.

    We have recently extended our services to the web audience through this website. We are constantly adding more of the products we carry to our online catalog. We have many more items in our store than we have on our website. If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you.

    We have thousands of items in stock; ready on the day you place your order.

    We do not sell any used products. All products that we sell are brand new.
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    1. BoroParker

      Love shopping in paperific! Service is great, delivery service is excellent as well! Most of all, I love the email to order! Whenever I don’t have the time to go shop, I email my order and have it delivered 99% of the time, when I ask for it to be delivered (after work,) and exactly what I want! KEEP IT UP MOSHE!

    2. shmuel H.

      The manager is an amazing guy thats why i shop at paperific.

    3. rbr

      The new ad layout is very pleasant and readable, thank you.

    4. abe klein

      your ads are not being published on line in a timely fashion. i see that many of your customers are making the same comment. please do something about this.

    5. flatbush shopper

      Tuesday night after midnight I look up your specials. Please send them on time, they use to come each week after midnight, I like to make my shopping list in the middle of the night so that it is ready for my kids to go shopping the next day. Its now 12:30 am still waiting for it, good night

    6. Tzippy Miller

      This is amazing. I grocery shop online. Every week I email the my order into Paperific and it comes delivered within hours. This is the only store that delivers its specials when you order online or by fax.

    7. Chana

      Your advertisement is cut on the right. Impossible to see the items published. Please centralize it!

    8. Bas Sheva Cohen

      Some time ago I presented the same issue, and it was rectified for a while, but we’re back to the same problem again. Shoppers would like access to the specials before they/some family member does the actual shopping so as to effectively prepare shopping lists.
      It is summer, and often cooler on certain days as well as in early morning hours. I was quite disappointed to see last week’s specials at 10:30AM, Wed., June27.


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