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    (718) 951-7112 (718) 951-7112
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    Highlights Dubbed Brooklyn’s premier kosher market Refer ... more
    About Pomegranate is a premier kosher supermarket with a forward-thinking approach. ... more
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    1507 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY
    (718) 951-7112 (718) 951-7112
    (718) 951-3777

    Su8am – 9pm

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    W7am -11pm

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    F7am – 2hrs bef zman

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    • Dubbed Brooklyn’s premier kosher market
    • Referred to as the “Kosher WholeFoods” by The New York Times
    • Zagat Rated with HIGH Marks
    • Featured in major publications such as The Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, Progressive Grocer and Saveur
    • Valet Parking
    • Personal Shoppers
    • Email Orders and Delivery
    • Impeccable Customer Service
    • Specialty items like Wagyu and dry-aged beef
    • 175 astounding entrees and specialty foods made daily from scratch, with pure, natural ingredients.
    • Honor of having catered for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

    About Us

    Pomegranate is a premier kosher supermarket with a forward-thinking approach. With a dedication to homemade foods and honest ingredients, we offer the largest selection of freshly prepared kosher foods in the country.

    Eat real.
    No preservatives. Nothing artificial—ever. We handcraft all our prepared foods in-house, using only natural ingredients like fresh herbs, hand-cut vegetables and the highest quality meats. So when Pomegranate food is on your table, you know you’re eating real.

    Meat & Butcher
    The unmatched tenderness and flavor of Pomegranate meat is an extraordinary experience. Starting with only hand-selected USDA Prime and Choice cuts, our expert butchers carve with precision, following the correct grain and removing excess fat. They’ll even custom cut to your specifications.

    Fresh from around the world & around the corner. We take the time to hand select the freshest fruits and vegetables, so you don’t have to.

    Prepared Foods
    Staggering selection, homemade daily. Our world-class chefs create an astounding 175 entrees and specialty foods daily from scratch, with pure, natural ingredients.

    Three separate kitchens. Two supervisors and three mashgiachs supervise our premises around the clock, and our on-site kitchens prepare all our foods under the hashgacha of Kehliah Kashrus, the Tartikover Rav. From double-filtering our water to hand-checking lettuce with special lights
    for bug detection, we do kosher right.

    Cleanliness goes to the core of our mission. Our cleaning crew works all day and all night to make our entire store sparkle. It’s only clean if it’s Pomegranate clean.
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    1. Ed

      Please send me the weekly specials via email.

    2. FAY

      love shopping at your store the staff is helpful and it makes each experience a pleasure
      thank u!

    3. [email protected]

      Thank you. I like that all the specials are here in 1 place, easier to compare & choose

    4. Judy Skolnick

      looking for pumpkin ravioli or some other fancier ravioli
      than the packaged cheese brands…do you carry or make?

      Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova….right before Shabbat-sorry!

    5. peggy

      Its a pleasure to shop at ur store!!!!! It’s clean, and relaxing. ..

    6. i would like to receive the circular specials

      please email the circular specials thanks

    7. Ari

      if you sign in to watsonsale and “fave” pomegranate you will be alerted automatically when the specials are updated

    8. Marsha Resnick

      I used to get the circular emailed to me, Why was this discontinued, could it please resume. Thanks

    9. Newtosite

      Love the store, but please post correct store hours. Thanks.

    10. Newtosite

      Love the store, but please post corrected store hours. Thanks!

    11. Merry

      It is excellent that you post the comparable on-sale vs. regular prices. This makes it much easier to see the value & qualifies you as a true thought leader. Thanks for that!

    12. Fun shopping in Pom

      I love shopping in Pomegranate! clean , organized, and good service! Good job! 🙂

    13. V

      Tell your shul to stop spreading loshon hara, the owner did not sell. end of discussion.

    14. fatman2114

      Is it true the owner sold Pomegranate for 45 Million dollars? My whole shul is talking about it and i was very disturbed during leining. NOW i have time to discuss, whats the juice?

    15. R Faks

      Hi I wanted to know if you sell funnel cake mix

    16. pom lover

      i am so happy to see that they finally have there specials posted on this website i waited a long time for this day


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