Hatzlacha Supermarket

845-425-9220 845-425-9220

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    80 West St, Monsey, NY
    845-425-9220 845-425-9220

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    1. Avi

      the store is amaizing in nice workers someone gaby surkis mendy tambor really nice ppl keep it up…..!!!!!!

    2. kayla berger

      I live out of town and wanted to know if you would ship a certain product in bulk? Please let me know. Thank you

    3. Fraidy Fischel

      It is frustrating that Hatzlacha does not update their specials consistently on this site. Considering that they accept email orders, one would expect them to post this info online.

    4. Mendy

      Hatzlacha is the best supermarket produce fish bakery fresh in the best prices keep up a lot hatzlacha

    5. Schwartz

      I like to see Hatzlacha’s flyer every week, it’s great special and useful items.

    6. Chaim

      This store is amazing. Amazing selection and great prices. Their line of appetizing (Tuna Salad and Lox etc..) are delicious and very well priced. Keep it up.


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