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    718-380-7300 718-380-7300
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    About Aron’s Kissena Farms is the first and only kosher supermarket in Queens feat... more
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    72-15 Kissena Blvd,, Flushing, NY
    718-380-7300 718-380-7300

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    About Us

    Aron’s Kissena Farms is the first and only kosher supermarket in Queens featuring an upscale shopping experience with economical prices. Boasting multiple food departments stocked with thousands of brand-name items, Aron’s Kissena Farms truly offers the best in unparalleled selection, freshness and quality.
    The primary mission of Aron’s Kissena Farms is to enrich the lifestyle of consumers in the New York region providing them with an upscale shopping experience, kosher food products and quality household items at the lowest possible prices.
    Freshness and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones on which Aron’s Kissena Farms was founded. These attributes will continue to guide our store as we continue to implement additional features and services to benefit customers.
    A strong focus on quality and innovation in product selection, customer service and shopping conveniences will ensure that Aron’s Kissena Farms maintains the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction.
    We are committed to providing equal opportunity, job creation, career development and outstanding service to our customers, community and the consumers of New York.
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    1. Phil H.

      Love this store! So many improvements lately! And can’t wait for the huge expansion coming soon yessss

    2. Rivka

      Love the meat and the butchers, great prices. Nice store to shop and although the parking lot isn’t huge, I’ve never had a problem finding a spot.

    3. R. Miller

      Quick on delivery

    4. illana lazarus

      great meat and all Passover items

    5. Dan

      The warning on milk containers can be confusing (this is NY State wording). It says, “May be sold until midnight of the date stamped.” Midnight is the START of the day, not the end of the day, as many think! So if the date stamped is Nov. 5, the milk can be sold until 11:59:59 of Nov. 4. Be careful! Many store owners don’t know this definition, and are violating the law!

    6. tikvah

      i order from this store and have it delivered to my sister bec their prices and unbeatable. they are so nice and i have never had an issue with any of their services

    7. Rebecca

      Please email me your takeout menu with
      Thank you

    8. rachel

      I stopped going to Aron’s a while ago. The parking lot is always full and the lines are outrageous. I started going to Seasons , and I’m much happier. Seasons has valet and the workers are nice.

    9. Hannah

      I hate this store the managers are extremely rude and unhelpful it is an absolutely awful shopping experience , I get into such a bad mood every timeI set foot in there

    10. allan Sherson

      the lines are always so long regardless of the time or day and the managers are running around like chickens without heads offering little help…prices are good but is it worth it if it takes half an hour to checkout? you decide!

    11. Stephen Folkson

      I would like to come Sunday, 8/21 or Monday, 8/22 and get six (6) packs of lamb riblets. Can you let me know when to come? My telephone number is (718)-479-1603.

      Thank you.


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