Seasons (Kew Gardens Hills)

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    6818 Main Street, Queens, NY
    718-268-6469 718-268-6469






    F6am-2.5 hrs bef. zman

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    1. chaya brandwein

      I still do not receive your e-mails.

    2. Saidi

      Is Friendship 0% Fat Cottage cheese with pineapple on sale also?

    3. mai kunte

      very happy with rinsing products!

    4. weekly shopper

      just an update to all…no response from seasons to my post on December 22nd.

    5. weekly shopper

      was at y0ur store this morning as i needed to be in the vicinity so i thought, why not get some of my shopping done here instead of going to brooklyn. things are always pretty decent till i go to the deli counter. i dont need to repeat myself from prior posts but its the same thing again and again and this time when i told the counter guy to re do my cold cuts at the weights i requested (quarter pounds) he got annoyed. well, too bad.honestly tho, its no fun shopping and getting annoyed so i will go to seasons less and less and do brokklyn stores more and more. thank you to the brooklyn stores like gourmet glatt, glatt mart, krm and greenfields in williamsburg too. at least your counter guys know how to measure the right amount that is asked for. by the way…i dont know why an email address is asked for, no one from seassons bothers to respond to my comments.

    6. steve

      Please sign me up for email advertising

    7. weekly shopper

      so i did what you suggested, i ask for less. i asked approximately 3 times today on just 1 item. i requested a 1/4 pound of pastrami which i was almost given .41 and i told the counter man to make it 1/4. i had to keep saying 1/4 at least 3 times till he finally gave me what i asked for.
      i got a pound of noodles and cabbage..he charged me 6.99 a pound and when i saw the sticker i said ”its on sale” he changed it to the sale price. same thing happend with the chicken lo mein i bought. its very frustrating. i dont see what is so difficult about giving the amount a customer asks nor do i see the difficulty in making sure the prices are as advertised.

    8. Dan

      The warning on milk containers can be confusing (this is NY State wording). It says, “May be sold until midnight of the date stamped.” Midnight is the START of the day, not the end of the day, as many think! So if the date stamped is Nov. 5, the milk can be sold until 11:59:59 of Nov. 4. Be careful! Many store owners don’t know this definition, and are violating the law!

    9. answer

      yes – ask for less 🙂

    10. weekly shopper

      its nice to come and shop in your store but whenever i buy from the takeout department they always give more than i ask for. i ask for a pound i get a pound and a quarter. i ask for a quarter of a pound i get near a half a pound. of course i am being charged for every ounce. it really annoys me. i like things to be the amount i ask for in order to have portion control. seasons managers, if yo are reading this, can you help me?

    11. freda

      they had the most delicious chocolate chip challah!!!!!!!!!
      the guys at the deli are very accommodating.

    12. Jack

      I Only shop over there on Thursday Their specials on bakery items are unbelievable . And it’s always fresh and very very tasty

    13. chaya brandwein

      please send me your circulars via e-mail. I have not received them for the last three weeks. thank you

    14. Moshe

      We always shop all our grocery at seasons because we find them at very good prices that maybe more people will like it also.

    15. Osnat

      Love Steve, Produce Manager, maybe because he’s my husband, regardless, the fruit and vegetable are gorgeous..

    16. Radha Kachalia

      can you please give me store hours for Friday,May 31st please.Thanks

    17. LIZ

      WAW!!! the “sharon sorbet” it’s amazing price
      The special it’s for all the flevors?

    18. Fortune

      Seasons Queens is superior. Can’t compare. Two different stores.

    19. gw

      Seasons does have a manhattan store, for those who can use one 🙂

    20. Fortune

      Pity you don’t deliver to Manhattan. Please reconsider! There is no comparable store in Manhattan.

    21. E


    22. DavidFeffer

      I would like to see better sales in the deli dept on your salads potato and macaroni salad etc.

    23. noam knopf

      what a sale

    24. aliza bochner

      hope you meant email. Form above is unclear.

      You should try and get the stores to put up the upcoming sale flyer as well as the one in force. Many people check the flyers that are in the stores or in magazines or home delivered sales flyers to see what will be on sale the following week and plan to shop at a store specifically to get something they use while it is on sale.

      also for seasons it says the flyer is through July 1st but it is actually applicable through the 8th.


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